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Christopher DeRemer cderemer at phoebe.org
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Most likely you altered the router.db file with an account that has higher privilege than the account that is set to run the rancid-run script.  I found this happen when I changed router.db with my root account and then the rancid user that I have wasn't able to read/write to that file.  To fix this I just did a chown rancid router.db and chmod 660 router.db on the file which should fix the issues.  When you change the file in the future just make sure you change it with the account that runs the rancid-run script.

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Dear all,

My rancid is working fine but after deleting one router from router.db I am getting retrieving revision for router.db every one hour from that instance.
What is the wrong with my configuration? Pls let me know.


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