[rancid] TP-Link SG5426

Arnaud Launay asl at launay.org
Thu Feb 18 13:15:13 UTC 2010


I'm wondering if someone include TP-Link SG5426, or others L2
managed tplink, in rancid...

AFAIK, it works more or less like ciscos:

rancid at backup ~ $ ssh admin at tplink.domain.tld
admin at tplink.domain.tld's password: 

      CLI session with the TL-SG5426 is opened.
      To end the CLI session, enter [Exit].


in router db: tplink.domain.tld:cisco:up

and in .cloginrc:
add user tplink-*.domain.tld admin
add password tplink-*.domain.tld {admin} {admin}
add autoenable tplink-*.domain.tld {1}
add method tplink-*.domain.tld {ssh}

I see in tcpdump that they are communicating with each other
using ssh, so it's probably logged in...

 Online Users:
  Line        Username Idle time (h:m:s) Remote IP addr.
  ----------- -------- ----------------- ---------------
  1     SSH 0    admin           0:01:02

yup :)

And it should work cisco-like:
Vty-1#show running-config 
building running-config, please wait...

rancid at backup ~ $ bin/rancid-run -r tplink-g6.nocworld.net

Returns after some time, and sends me a mail saying it timeout-ed...
Config file on backup is empty. Created, but empty.

I don't have a clue how to get more debug infos ?


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