[rancid] avorancid and ssh

Ben O'Hara bohara at ripe.net
Thu Jun 17 15:32:17 UTC 2010


I've just added some cyclades console servers to our racnid setup and set them as avocent devices to be accessed via ssh.

I was getting the following errors when running rancid, which looked to be because $cmd wasnt set if it was via ssh.

Trying to get all of the configs.
sincns.ripe.net avologin error: Error: ssh failed: can't read "cmd": no such variable
sincns.ripe.net: missed cmd(s): cat /etc/network/ifcfg_eth0,cat /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf,cat /etc/passwd,cat /etc/resolv.conf,cat /etc/hostname,cat /etc/domainname.conf,cat /etc/portslave/pslave.conf,cat /etc/network/st_routes,cat /etc/security.opts
sincns.ripe.net: End of run not found

I've fixed this with the attached patch which I copied from clogin into avologin.

Anyone see any problems with this? It now seems to work OK.

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