[rancid] Re: Not working rancid with Cisco without enable.

Per-Olof Olsson peo at chalmers.se
Sat Jun 19 08:18:20 UTC 2010

john heasley skrev 2010-06-15 20:20:
> Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 10:38:11AM +0400, Aleksey P:
>> Hello.
>>>> ]# cat /usr/local/libexec/rancid/
>>>>> !
>>>>> !
>>>>> !
>>>>> !
>>>>> and that is all that in this file.
>>>> and what is in the file?
>> Nothing, that's all - only one line " !RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE: cisco" and
>> that's all.
> thats, not
>>> it must have show version.
>> I am not sure i understand you right. In rancid file i must use 'show
>> version'?
> yes, it must include show version since its used in writeterm, at least
> for some platforms.
>>> the rancid script shouldnt care about which prompt it shows, but in
>>> general, enable mode is required.
>> But in theory - can rancid work with Cisco device w/o 'enable'?
> some commands require higher privledges.  if you eliminate those that
> do, then it'd work.
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Sorry but it will not work to use rancid for unpriv level, and ">"-prompt.

After some try to grab all open information in unpriv mode from cisco 
switches, there have to be some changes to fix a working script.

I add a new switch type/script where I replase all "return(-1)" abort on 
"authorization failed" to "retrun(1)" continue on "authorization 
failed". See included diff for rancid to rancid_noen

Add -noenabler to clogin command to not have to change in my running 
.cloginrc settings

To run cisco rancid script in unpriv mode, there must be some code 
update to find >-prompt and to match commands (cmds_regexp) with 
 >-prompt. Today rancid script only match for #-prompt.

Notice that "show running-config" in nopriv gives error text
  "% Invalid input detected at '^' marker."
and you have to set "found_end" before exit "write terminal" parsing
else you will not get a clean run.

If I don't have access to "show running" there is left one
extra line "more system:running-config" in output.
Can't understand to remove that extra line from my rancid_noen just now.

If I run my rancid_noen vs. rancid using full priv there is no diffs in 
outputs to switch files.

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