[rancid] output that triggers annoying email notification - I am sure we have all seen this before from rancid. :)

Brian Lam blam at rockyou.com
Mon Jun 21 19:32:26 UTC 2010


I am using rancid 2.3.2. with force 10 switches (S50N - 48-port).

The following line keeps triggering an email notification, which is annoying
because we get desensitized to the notification email when there is an
actual change.

- !Chassis:  0     up          medium   up      up      up      up      up
+ !Chassis:  0     up          low      up      up      up      up      up

The router command that spit out this status is (I believe) 'show system'.
I searched for the command and believe it's in the following file:

bin/f10rancid:  {'show system'                  => 'ShowChassis'},

I am going to hack the script to see if I can filter the annoying output.  I
will probably will remove the command 'show system' if I don't figure out
how to filter out the annoying line.  But this affect the output globally
and I would like to get the rest of the output.

I was wondering if someone has experience changing the code base to deal w/
this case?  Any pointer would be apreciated.  Thanks!

Example of system command and system outputs:

r305-sw2-secondary#show system

Stack MAC : 00:01:e8:d6:86:6e

--  Unit 0 --
Unit Type       : Management Unit
Status          : online
Next Boot       : online
Required Type   : S50N - 48-port E/FE/GE (SB)
Current Type    : S50N - 48-port E/FE/GE (SB)
Master priority : 0
Hardware Rev    : 2.0
Num Ports       : 52
Up Time         : 11 wk, 5 day, 11 hr, 47 min
FTOS Version    :
Jumbo Capable   : yes
POE Capable     : no
Burned In MAC   : 00:01:e8:d6:86:6e
No Of MACs      : 3

--  Module 0 --
Status          : not present

--  Module 1 --
Status          : not present

--  Power Supplies  --
Unit   Bay   Status       Type
  0     0     up            AC
  0     1     absent

--  Fan  Status  --
Unit   TrayStatus  Speed    Fan0    Fan1    Fan2    Fan3    Fan4    Fan5
 0     up          low      up      up      up      up      up      up

--  Unit 1 --
Unit Type       : Member Unit

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