[rancid] clogin with CUE Cisco module

Alligator alligator94 at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jun 22 18:01:46 UTC 2010


I use rancid to back up my cisco configurations files. It runs fine except
for Call Manager Express( CUE ) .

It is a module inside the Cisco router accessible using telnet and you can
do "show run".


It is possible to telnet on the cisco router using a specific port ( here it
is 2066) and it telnet the module.

I get a timeout because , once the password has been entered , I need one or
two supplementary "enter" to get the autoenable prompt.

See below :


$ bin/clogin router-ip-address


spawn router-ip-address 2066

Trying router-ip-address...

Connected to router-ip-address 

Escape character is '^]'.



User Access Verification


Username: xxx



Error: TIMEOUT reached



Does someone already experienced to use rancid for this kind of module ?

Does someone know how to add several "enter" ( I suppose "\n" or "\r" )
after entering the password ( without having the prompt) ?


I read the forum til 2008 and found nothing.


Thank you for your help 


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