[rancid] Re: lrancid / llogin

Diego Ercolani diego.ercolani at ssis.sm
Mon May 3 09:47:51 UTC 2010

Hi Pekka,
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In data lunedì 3 maggio 2010 11:28:44, hai scritto:
> "Hi diego,
> I have installed rancid 2.3.3 on debian (lenny). I wanted to backup a file
> "/home/psuomi/data.cvs" (this is an example) from a remote linux machine.
> I have found your scripts on rancid discussion forum which describs the
> solution of my problem. I have followed your instruction and scripts but
> could not backup the above mention file. I could login to the remote
> machine and getting the below result.
> remlinux:~# export HISTIGNORE="&:cat *:exit*:export *";export LANG=C
> remlinux:~#
> remlinux:~#

do you mean you can issue: llogin remlinux ?
So it should work
Have you configured the .clogin file with something like:

add method remlinux ssh
add user remlinux root
add password remlinux password password
add autoenable remlinux 1
add backupfile remlinux /home/psuomi/data.cvs

(and obviously.... data.cvs must be a FILE not a directory, if you want to 
expand functionality, you should do)

> Am I missing something? I would highly appreciate you reply.
> Thanks in advance
> regards,
> Pekka S

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