[rancid] Re: lrancid / llogin

Diego Ercolani diego.ercolani at ssis.sm
Tue May 4 07:13:50 UTC 2010

You have to verify that:
1. the user has a regular shell: ssh whitney at groucho give you a regular shell?
2. can you read the FILE you are trying to read ? (cat 
3. my script waits for the root prompt (#) so the timeout is related to this 
issue. If you want to use a normal user you have to modify the script (llogin) 
to accomplish this....  
I use it in a production environment connecting to root user of debian/suse 
workstations..... so It should work as is.  If you need more functionality you 
should implement it and release to the community.
This is opensource.

Hope This Help
In data lunedì 3 maggio 2010 22:21:12, Ron Whitney ha scritto:
: > I've tried to use the lrancid scripts as well without luck.  Eventually, I
> gave up.  Pekka's question prompted me to try again.  Here are my details:
> Relevant portion of .clogon:
> add method      groucho         {ssh}
> add user        groucho         {rwhitney}
> add password    groucho         {password}        {password}
> add autoenable  groucho         1
> add backupfile  groucho         /var/named/p/mydoitbest.com
> Added to rancid-fe:
>         "linux" => "lrancid llogin",
> Finally, router.db:
> Groucho:linux:up
> When I try to test, it logs on but issues no commands.  Eventually (10
> seconds in this case), it times out:
> [rancid at harpo ~]$ llogin -t 10 -c"BackupFiles" groucho
> groucho
> spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l rwhitney groucho
> rwhitney at groucho's password:
> Last login: Mon May  3 16:07:33 2010 from 12-162-57-170.doitbest.com
> groucho 16:14:19 rwhitney >
> Error: TIMEOUT reached
> I get similar results testing lrancid:
> [rancid at harpo ~]$ lrancid -d groucho
> executing llogin -t 90 -c"BackupFiles" groucho
> groucho llogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
> groucho llogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
> groucho: missed cmd(s): BackupFiles
> groucho: missed cmd(s): BackupFiles
> groucho: End of run not found
> groucho: End of run not found
> #
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?  RANCID is working on several
> Cisco switches and routers and a couple of Dell switches.  So I know the
> base functionality is working.  Thanks in advnace.
> Ron

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