[rancid] "Proxied" config backups

Flavio Vettori flavio at itplanet.tn.it
Thu May 20 09:16:22 UTC 2010

Hi all,
	hope not to break ml policy as this is my first post here, that case I 
apologize in advance.

I would ask people here about the chance to use one rancid-managed 
network box (in my case Cisco IOS devices such routers and switches) to 
reach other boxes "behind" it and this way do the things rancid does so 

I've already seen this post:


and also this one:


But it needs kind a coder to get that solution work and I couldn't 
manage to after some hours of trying.

Ain't this a smart feature to implement? I'm pretty sure others would 
appreciate it and I feel (ok ok, these are my not-coder's feelings) it 
isn't so hard to implement (isn't it some kind of "recursive" call?).


Flavio Vettori
*IT** Pl at net S.r.l - */Consulente// IT/

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