[rancid] WLC diff process tweak

Christopher DeRemer cderemer at phoebe.org
Wed Oct 13 16:25:19 UTC 2010

I'm running the the latest build, and using the WLC script I have diffs a couple times a day because our Lobby Administrators are adding guest WiFi users all the time. I'm looking at a way to ignore the whole "net user" section of the config. If I have to recover the controller with the rancid config I really don't care about what users had guest WiFi access, I care about production :)

I'm terrible at expect / regex, and by that I mean I can't do it at all! Anyone have a line or two I can add in to ignore this.

Sample diff output:

Index: configs/


- -- configs/    (revision 340)

@@ -132,14 +132,12 @@

   netuser add jdelong **** wlan 2 userType guest lifetime 604800 description Guest of John DeLong

   netuser add lchristiansen **** wlan 2 userType permanent description Doctor "Emeralds!"

   netuser add ms **** wlan 2 userType guest lifetime 2592000 description

-  netuser add mschick **** wlan 2 userType guest lifetime 172800 description

   netuser add mwagner **** wlan 2 userType guest lifetime 1209600 description Mark Wagner - #108

   netuser add savadelis **** wlan 2 userType guest lifetime 2592000 description Guest of Savadelis

   netuser add todd **** wlan 2 userType permanent description AramarkIT

   netuser add yzhang **** wlan 2 userType permanent description Dr. Zhang

   netuser lifetime jdelong 604800

   netuser lifetime ms 2592000

-  netuser lifetime mschick 172800

   netuser lifetime mwagner 1209600

   netuser lifetime savadelis 2592000

   netuser wlan-id bparker 2

@@ -147,7 +145,6 @@

   netuser wlan-id jdelong 2

   netuser wlan-id lchristiansen 2

   netuser wlan-id ms 2

-  netuser wlan-id mschick 2

   netuser wlan-id mwagner 2

   netuser wlan-id savadelis 2

   netuser wlan-id todd 2

Also for anyone that has had trouble with the WLC scripts in the past, I had to change the command table from executing "show running-config" to show run-config commands" because show running-config was depreciated and made the 5.2.193 version barf. I'm not sure about versions after that, because we are slow to upgrade due to high-availability needs.


Christopher DeRemer, CCENT
Network Administrator
Phoebe Services
484.619.2168 (Single # Reach)

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