[rancid] DONE: Implementation of the (generic) linux configuration backup-versioning DEVELOPMENT VERSION

Diego Ercolani diego.ercolani at ssis.sm
Tue Oct 19 14:13:44 UTC 2010

Hello, after an year I've updated the script which is responsible of backup a 
linux box configuration files using rancid.

This files are committed to 2.3.2 version of rancid as is the version which I 
currently run in production environment.

This version is based on the version from july 2009

difference is primarly only the fact that It can handle more sophisticated 
shell prompt and is also capable of escaping denied expect sequence
(like of course "[" and "]")

Current version of rancid probably have to be revised to use these 
scripts..... I didn't have time to align my patches to current version.... it 
would be nice if developers create a sort of common library of function to use 
from expect sources and perl sources to create a sort of "SDK" to write own 
rancid modules.... and then provide a repository where people can upload their 
To do this it have to be stabilized the infrastructure

Hope this help.
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