[rancid] cloginrc assistance

William Pleasants wpleasants at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 13:49:54 UTC 2011

Hi all.


I'm trying to use cloginrc to login Cisco routers hanging off a Cisco
console server. The address for each router remains the same.  I'm just
changing the telnet port for every router and attempting to add an extra
carriage return, however the session times out.  I am able to see a typical
Cisco login prompt when telneting to the port when doing it manually. I've
done some searching and couldn't turn up anything.  My Tcl skills are week,
therefore I'm hoping someone might be able to provide some suggestions.
Below is my cloginrc configuration.  Any assistance is appreciated. 





add user r1                               routers

add userprompt r1               {"\n"}

add password r1                    password1234       password1234

add method r1                       telnet:2001


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