[rancid] Rancid 2.3.6 and F5 BigIP

DAVID Sébastien sdavid at ecritel.net
Thu Apr 21 07:02:32 UTC 2011


I'd like to backup my F5 BIGIP with Rancid 2.3.6 but I have a persistent error with rancind-run script.

Trying to get all of the configs.
F5bigip1 clogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
F5bigip1: missed cmd(s): bigpipe route static show,bigpipe base list,cat /config/bigip.license,bigpipe platform,bigpipe db show,bigpipe monitor list all,bigpipe version,bigpipe profile list,bigpipe list
F5bigip1: End of run not found

Using clogin directly, I can connect to my equipment without trouble

rancid at DebCacti:/var/log/rancid$ /var/lib/rancid/bin/clogin F5bigip1
spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l rancid F5bigip1
Last login: Thu Apr 21 08:06:29 2011 from

Thanks for help.


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