[rancid] Need some Help - F5's in RANCID

Chris Moody chris at siliconhotrod.com
Thu Feb 3 00:06:56 UTC 2011

ok - so followed John's suggestion to set the NOPIPE variable - so I'm 
now generating .raw files.  I've checked several of them and only see 
each and every command completing perfectly.  They're still marked as 
'unreachable' however.  Any other ideas to try?  Do I need to push an 
ssh key so it automatically logs in without a password or something?  
I'm seriously stumped as to why it's worked a few times but then stops 


On 1/31/11 1:33 PM, john heasley wrote:
> Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 09:22:42PM +0000, Ryan West:
>>>> You're doing anything wrong.  You'll probably find that you can 'rancid-run -r<dev name>' and have it backup properly.  I would recommend getting a good backup of the keys once and then comment out the lines in the command table.
>>> why?  what is special about the keys?
>> Wish I knew, they execute fine from command line (on F5) and even from a single rancid-run.  And as Chris mentioned, it worked for a while and then stopped.  A few other users I have spoken to about the problem have removed those lines and not bothered with it anymore.
> i'm not doing perl/unix lessosn, but you seem clueful enough to try this
> on your own.  change NOPIPE to YES, then just before the rancid script
> removes the .raw file, copy it somewhere for safe keeping.  this problem
> is most likely related to cron, and the .raw file may have the clues needed
> to fix this.
>> Chris,
>> How many devices are you backing up at a time?  Mine is set to PAR_COUNT=12; (rancid.conf)
> thats shouldnt matter.  they all run as separate instances.
>>>> =====================================
>>>> Getting missed routers: round 4.
>>>> xxxx.yyyy.com: missed cmd(s): ls --full-time --color=never /config/ssl/ssl.crt,ls --full-time --color=never /config/ssl/ssl.key
>>>> zzzz.yyyy.com: missed cmd(s): ls --full-time --color=never /config/ssl/ssl.crt,ls --full-time --color=never /config/ssl/ssl.key

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