[rancid] rancid with Fortigate FG100A

Iñaki Martínez Díez imd at acens.com
Fri Feb 4 11:41:39 UTC 2011


 Debug mode done, I got this:

        set authgrp none
--More--                  set avgrp none
        set fwgrp none

 Last lines:

--More--              edit "operator"

 NOTE: after "--" there are spaces not tab, checked with 2 editors.

 I think the problem is this line in fnlogin:

460         -gl "--More--"      { send " "

El 02/02/11 21:25, "john heasley" <heas at shrubbery.net> escribió:

>Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 03:18:10PM +0000, Gavin McCullagh:
>> Hi,
>> On Wed, 02 Feb 2011, I?aki Mart?nez D?ez wrote:
>> >  I have problems getting configs from fortigates:
>> >
>> > Version: Fortigate-5001FA2 3.00,build0670,080729
>> >
>> > Version: Fortigate-1000AFA2 3.00,build0416,070821
>> >
>> >  The problem is not getting complete config and the last lines are
>> > these:
>> >
>> > --More--
>> > --More--
>> The console is in "more" (pager) mode.  You need to change it to
>> mode:
>>     gcd-fw # config system console
>>     gcd-fw (console) # set output standard
>>     gcd-fw (console) # end
>>     gcd-fw # show system console
>>     config system console
>>         set output standard
>>     end
>> If you want it in "more" mode for your own usage, you might need to get
>> rancid script to set it to standard, then take its config, then set it
>> again.  A decent console app would probably achieve the same thing
>assuming that the pager can not be disabled per-tty, which i presume is
>what the magic chant 'set output standard' does; teach fnlogin about the
>pager.  but, fnlogin already has a case for the pager.  So, why is that
>not working?
>I'll bet its failing because there are control characters among the pager
>prompt.  set NOPIPE=YES and collect from the device with fnrancid -d
>then look for the pager prompt in the hostname.raw file in your editor.
>look at the debug output of fnlogin -d hostname to see why the match is
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