[rancid] powerconnect problem

Angelo Höngens a.hongens at netmatch.nl
Fri Feb 4 19:46:25 UTC 2011

On 4-2-2011 20:15, Ron Whitney wrote:
>> I'm connecting using the 'root' account over ssh. But I can try
>> adding a user, good idea, perhaps that behaves different from the
>> root account.
> FWIW, my switch is using the 'Login' Authentication Profile instead
> of the 'Enable' profile.

I am using the basic defaults. A 'show run' shows me only some
'username' lines, but nothing else concerning authentication.

When I go to 'select authentication' in the GUI, I see it uses the
default authentication profile 'networkList' for ssh login, and the
profile 'enableList' for ssh enable. I tried some stuff there, but did
not get anywhere, and rolled back.

I'm a bit reluctant to change anything on the switches, as I want to
keep things as simple and a default as possible, and the 12 M6220's I
have, have been monitored fine in the past..

I think I'm going to try some old versions of rancid, and see if
anything useful comes up there.


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