[rancid] Problem with Rancid and Nexus 7000

Matt L matt.listspam at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 16:02:13 UTC 2011

So I have Rancid working fine with all my other gear, ASA 5510's, Catalyst
3560's, etc.  We recently installed a Nexus 7000 and I have been trying to
get it going with Rancid.

I created a new TACACS user for this purpose (due to the way logins work for
NX-OS), defined it in cloginrc with autoenable as '1'.

This is what happens if I just run clogin to the box with no extra flags:

[rancid at linuxhost ~]$ clogin nexus
spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l rancidnx nexus
#User Access Verification#

It just sits there and does nothing at this point.  I can enter the password
manually and it will login successfully.

If I remove the autoenable from cloginrc, it will successfully login, but
then hang there (I assume waiting for enable prompt which will never

Rancid version is 2.3.3 (I have tried with 2.3.6 clogin separately as well).

NX-OS version is 5.1(2).

Obviously until I can get past the initial login, I can't test with nxrancid
or any type of automation.

Any ideas?  Am I missing something stupid?


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