[rancid] support for D-Link switches, where to start?

Jethro R Binks jethro.binks at strath.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 09:31:59 UTC 2011

On Wed, 16 Feb 2011, Gavin McCullagh wrote:

> > > Where there isn't a getConf() command available, do people have a 
> > > solution, eg maybe run command to put config to a tftp server, then 
> > > have rancid download from the tftp server.
> > 
> > that could work, but I've not done it before (ie: have no examples).
> Ah well, the lazy person in me was hoping some code would be there 
> already :-) Our 3Com 4400s seem to have the same issue.

wrancid/wrapwrancid might help: see:


although since I modified Michael Stefaniuc's original, I haven't actually 
used it.

"In brief, w(rap)rancid permits a arbitrary third-party script to be used 
to obtain the configuration for a device, rather than expecting rancid 
itself to obtain it through clogin/etc. This permits rancid to be used as 
a tool for backing up and monitoring changes on a class of devices that do 
not have a useable CLI, or which cannot write a textual configuration to 
the terminal, as long as some method exists for pulling a textual 
configuration from the device (for example, by invoking transfer to 
tftp/ftp server via SNMP or CLI, or using scp to retrieve the 
configuration file)."

The 3Com 4400 doesn't have a CLI (menu) command to show the running 
config, but you could run something periodically to tftp the config to a 
server, from where you can instruct rancid can read it by using 

Disclaimer: I've forgotten everything about wraprancid now ...


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