[rancid] h3clogin

N K Krishnan nkkrishnan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 22:06:24 UTC 2011

ran into the same problem and after staring at the debug output for a while,
moved the sending of the "\r"  to after the expect block.

    # we are logged in, now figure out the full prompt
#    send "\r"
    expect {
        -re "\[\r\n]+"          { exp_continue; }
        -re "^.+$prompt"        { set junk $expect_out(0,string);
                                  regsub -all "\[\]\[]" $junk {\\&} prompt;
        -re "^.+> \\\(enable\\\)"       {
                                  set junk $expect_out(0,string);
                                  regsub -all "\[\]\[]" $junk {\\&} prompt;
    send "\r"

and that seemed to have the desired result.
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