[rancid] Enterasys C-Series

Rob Yamry ryamry at kimberly.k12.wi.us
Tue Feb 22 15:17:25 UTC 2011

> (I've not been closely following this thread)
> So if $found_end is true, then /$prompt\s?(quit|exit|Connection( to \S+)?
> closed)/ must not be, for $clean_run not to be true.
> What does the end of "show config" look like?

The end will look something like this:

> end
> switch(su)->

but! The "end" is sometimes not there.  Not sure why.

Also, I set $clean_run at the top of the script and had the variable printed
in various parts to see if it got changed at all. I changed it to 2 so I
could see if it got changed to 0 or 1.  It didnt.  It ended with a value of
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