[rancid] clogin query

Andy andy at benthamroad.co.uk
Fri Jan 14 16:55:15 UTC 2011


I think this should work;


add sshcmd x.x.x.x {ssh -p 822}





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Hi all


I have my rancid working almost totally correctly now with the exception of
a few things. I have some devices that although they answer to ssh they are
using a different port to 22, in the .clogin.rc file I have all the devices
listed as


Add methos x.x.x.x {ssh} 


Looking at the documentation it seems to say that you can use {ssh:-port} to
specify a different port however when I do that I am getting the below in
the log files.


Hostname  fnlogin error: Error: unknown connection method: ssh:-822


Anyone got any ideas?




Kind Regards


Chris Kilian


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