[rancid] fix for overly long asa banner

Lee ler762 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 01:00:52 UTC 2011

If you've got a banner long enough to cause the <-- More --> prompt on
an ASA then rancid is unable to grab the config.

fix is to deal with the <-- More --> prompt a bit after (my) line 455 in clogin:

    # Here we get a little tricky.  There are several possibilities:
    # the router can ask for a username and passwd and then
    # talk to the TACACS server to authenticate you, or if the
    # TACACS server is not working, then it will use the enable
    # passwd.  Or, the router might not have TACACS turned on,
    # then it will just send the passwd.
    # if telnet fails with connection refused, try ssh

    expect {
        -re "<-+ More -+>\[^\n\r]*"        {                    ;# -LR-
            send " "                                            ;# -LR-
            exp_continue }                                      ;# -LR-


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