[rancid] FortiWeb &FortiAnalyzer

Gerhard Mourani GMourani at prival.ca
Mon Nov 7 16:10:22 UTC 2011

Hello list,

I've a FortiWeb and FortiAnalyzer device where I'm able to successfully logon with fn-rancid & fnlogin scripts, but when I run "rancid-run", log report errors related to command parse error and input not as expected. This look to me like the command to get device configuration is not the same as the one used for FortiGate devices.

Does someone has a patch or a way to make them work with fn-rancid & fnlogin used for FortiGate?


!International Version:FortiWeb-400B 4.33,build0535,111018
!Bios version:00010016
!Log hard disk:Available
!Operation Mode:Reverse Proxy
!Current HA mode=Standalone

command parse error before 'full-configuration'
Input not as expected.

- - - -


!Version: FortiAnalyzer-100C v4.0,build0552,111006 (MR3 Patch 1)
!Branch point: 552
!Release Version Information: MR3 Patch 1
!Serial-Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
!BIOS version: 04000006
!VCM Plugin Version: 1.217
!Admin Domain Status: disabled
!Max number of administrative domains: 1
!Registered Devices: 4
!Maximum Supported Devices: 100
!Hostname: FA-100C
!FIPS mode: disabled
!Disk Usage: Free 896.48GB, Total 916.89GB

command parse error before 'full-configuration'
Input not as expected.

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