[rancid] Nexus 7000 series backup issues.

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu Aug 30 20:19:43 UTC 2012

Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 02:52:47PM -0500, Moermond, Timothy:
> Quick clarification, I did not need to load the linux expect hack on our
> Redhat Enterprise 64 Bit 5.8 server, however we were not able to determine if
> Redhat had actually included it or not already in their implementation of
> expect 5.43.

I do not know if the problem persists in recent Linux or Solaris and expect
combinations.  The symptom of the problem is that expect hangs, permanently
or until the device's idle timer breaks the connection.  it is highly
network, device and host timing dependent.

For those reasons, I'd stick with the patch, if you've already built it.

> Okay I figured it out. On my Nexus 7000 version of NXOS 5.1(3) if you remove
> the banner motd completely the system defaults to the following " #User
> Access Verification#Using keyboard-interactive authentication." Which of
> course includes the "#" symbol preventing the rancid from logging in
> properly. As soon as I set a new banner motd then the problem goes away. 

Cisco, you are our nemesis.

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