[rancid] Full scheduled automated backup of Cisco ASA55XX

Michael Maymann michael at maymann.org
Tue Mar 6 10:14:25 UTC 2012

Hi List,

I would like to do _FULL_ scheduled automated backups of my ASA55XX:
Unfortunately it seems that Cisco doesn't provide a CLI command that does
this, so I have to gather all the info from different places myself (with
the risk of forgetting something/missing something if the box gets updated):

- Does any of you have a working script that does this already ?
- Does it distribute the information to the right files and zip it, so you
get easy restorable file as ASDM:Tools->Backup Configurations ?

Or do I really have to purchase CiscoWorks to get this functionality
(thought I had already paid more than enough - and must admid, I really
didn't think scheduled backup/easy restore would be an issue for the worlds
nr1 network-company...!)

Thanks in advance :) !
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