[rancid] F5 BIG-IP devices - any tricks?

Colin Stubbs cstubbs at gmail.com
Sun May 6 06:32:37 UTC 2012

Patch attached for 2.3.8.

It uses `bigpipe version`'s response to determine if it should use
tmsh or not, and switches command table as appropriate.

So it will only use tmsh on a BIGIP v11 F5, as they respond like this,

[root at localhost:] ~ # bp version
/usr/bin/bp: bigpipe is no longer supported; please use tmsh.
[root at localhost:] ~ #

This should keep things the same for existing users and avoid
unexpected config diff after upgrade.

Tested against,

bigip1.f5.routedlogic.net-#	Main Package
bigip1.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Product  BIG-IP
bigip1.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Version  10.2.3
bigip1.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Build    112.0
bigip1.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Edition  Final
bigip2.f5.routedlogic.net-#	Main Package
bigip2.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Product  BIG-IP
bigip2.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Version  11.1.0
bigip2.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Build    1943.0
bigip2.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Edition  Final
bigip3.f5.routedlogic.net-#	Main Package
bigip3.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Product  BIG-IP
bigip3.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Version  10.1.0
bigip3.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Build    3341.1084
bigip3.f5.routedlogic.net-#	  Edition  Final


On 2 May 2012 00:05, Lance Vermilion <rancid at gheek.net> wrote:
> A new device type setting would be the static method otherwise a version
> check would be needed for dynamic.
> Simply run a bigpipe command  and if the response is not what we expect run
> tmsh and if that fails exit with a failure for that node.
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