[rancid] Failure logging in to HP Procurve switches

David Byers david.byers at liu.se
Wed May 30 17:26:11 UTC 2012

On 05/30/2012 06:19 PM, Meyers, Dan wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting rancid to play nicely with some HP Procurve switches we've got on our network. The error I'm getting in the logs is a timeout. If I run hlogin manually with debugging turned on I can see that when it connects to the HPs it does not receive the 'correct' prompt back.
> If I specify a command to run using -c "sh run" (for example) rancid is expecting to see "Press any key to continue". What it actually sees varies depending on the device in question. Normally it is something like "Prekey any key to continue" or "Press any key to ctntieue". Neither of these match the expected regexp, so of course a timeout occurs. The odd thing is that if you don't specify a command to run with -c both of these prompts always display and are parsed correctly. These prompts are always displayed correctly when logging into the switch myself from the same server using the same username, password and method.
> However rancid running via the rancid-run command still has issues with these switches, so I am not sure if it is doing the equivalent of a -c "<command>" or not. Running hlogin manually with no command gives the following when it hits the prompt:

You're probably running into a bug in hpuifilter that manifests on
certain versions of glibc on 64-bit Linux.

Have a look at this message in February for a patch:


(Though I accidentally reversed the patch.)

David Byers
Linköping University

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