[rancid] list_of_groups subdirectories or subfolder

rancid core rancidshrubbery at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 13:09:35 UTC 2012

we are using rancid for collecting all the configs from our internal and
external devices.
so we have an internal server running rancid and cvsweb and an external
server running rancid. the external server is coping periodically the
configs to the internal server.
its working fine and can access/view the collected config files on the
internal server via cvsweb.

is it possible to create a folder with 2 subfolders that we can access via
cvsweb? we want something like:

main folder called customer_a with no files/config files  in but 2 folders
called customer_a_int and customer_a_ext. for sure we want to collect the
customers internal config files in the folder customer_a_int and the
external config files in the folder customer_a_ext.

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