[rancid] issue with bigip rancid diff

Shaun Krok Shaun.Krok at betterplace.com
Thu Nov 29 09:20:53 UTC 2012

Hi there

Please could I ask if someone has some input as to how fix/stop the following issue.
Rancid and BIGIP boxes using tmsh F5 rancid script are working 100%

But the problem is that the cron which runs every hour is generating an email that shows the following :
The same is generated for every F5 device in that is being monitored by Rancid.
It would seem the issue is that the F5 seems to be changing or re-hashing the SNMP password or something like this.

Any help would be much appreciated ???

// snip of email diff *****************************************************************************************

          iENM_F5_SNMP_1 {

-             auth-password-encrypted ";ZdCaD>7S2YO,J6I\\C<dSO;HMSK<,4uDl4AHPXXhcb8Ta>p"

+             auth-password-encrypted "KAaTUL;ZRHjJDPG,SLGKlXZ3JlReGCL;mORiEcKek_cUS9a"

              auth-protocol sha

              oid-subset .1

-             privacy-password-encrypted @fG9HR]i^K4YOVM<g:jTAKFBWN1b,7_RA*mFq_5lg\\P2Z9h

+             privacy-password-encrypted "P;`P9[6`e1iD\\[>UbCakLYcSLm<\?\?=dWCEdcbSXoe[Q;U7o"

              privacy-protocol des

              security-level auth-privacy

              username ENM_F5_SNMP

Shaun Krok
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