[rancid] Dell Switches with "K" in the host name fail

Matej Vadnjal matej.vadnjal at arnes.si
Tue Apr 2 12:02:18 UTC 2013

On 27. 03. 2013 18:07, Fleming, Graham wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm using the drancid and dlogin scripts from here: http://web.rickyninja.net:81/rancid/
> Everything works OK except any Powerconnect switches that have the letter "K" in their hostname will fail.
> In debugging I notice the script deletes any instance of the K from the prompt so it never matches the prompt and never knows when commands are finished.
> Therefore, at the end of the script it errors out with:
> ": missed cmd(s): show version,show running-config,show vlan
> found_end = 0, clean_run = 0
> : End of run not found"
> Any ideas would be great thanks.
Hi Graham

In drancid you should have a line that reads:

$prompt =~ tr/\033\\\[K//d;

Remove the K from there and see if that works. I'm not sure why it is 
even in there, seems like a bug.

Matej Vadnjal

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