[rancid] enterasys n series

Herbert Mutz mutz.online at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 13:19:57 UTC 2013

Hi there,

i want to utilize rancid on enterasys n1 n3 and n7 series switches.
Currently I have a running setup, that works great on foundry / brocade
devices and somewhat good on hp switches.
Rancid authenticates against a tacacs+ server successfully when using
clogin. With a rancid -- r <ip> it doesn't work.

The log says :

tac_plus[4383]: connect from 172.18.*.** [172.18.*.**]
tac_plus[4383]: login failure: rancid 172.18.*.** (172.18.*.**) telnet

tacacs+ config for rancid user

user = rancid {
default service = permit
pap = cleartext "rancid_login"
login = cleartext "rancid_login"
enable = cleartext "XXX"
name = "Rancid User"
service = exec {
priv-lvl = 15

My concern is, that there isn't  a value for Enterasys that I can 
configure in the router.db
which means these devices aren't supported.

I disabled autoenable in .cloginrc for the specific hosts.

Is there an unofficial patch or workaround to get things working with 
the N series switches
from Enterasys ?
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