[rancid] Device not contacted

Ryan Milton rmilton at mvsusa.com
Tue Dec 17 15:39:40 UTC 2013

Hi all (Alan),

Rancid has generally been running smooth as can be with my small deployment. I have just added two more Netscreen firewalls, to bring to a total of 6 Netscreen204s.

Only issue is that one of the new devices is being a pain with that dreaded "The following routers have not been successfully contacted for more than 4 hours." Error.

All  devices have same login in the .clonginrc

All devices can be logged into manually using the nlogin script.

Log files only show:

Getting missed routers: round 1.

195.3.XXX.XXX: missed cmd(s): get conf

195.3.XXX.XXX: End of run not found


The router.db file is fine, and the FW has the correct login info. Any idea what might the issue be?

Ryan Milton
MVS Network Manager
o: 201-447-1505 x124
c: 862-249-5230
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