[rancid] Brocade MLX16 generate diff on up time change date

Gerhard Mourani GMourani at prival.ca
Fri Feb 8 14:08:30 UTC 2013

Hello List,

I've a particular small issue with Brocade/Foundry MLX16 devices. My crond job is configured to run Rancid every two hours and every two hours I receive messages alerting me that configs has changed on the MLX16 switches but the diff is related to Up Time change like this:

- !Switch Fabric Module 1 Up Time is 64 days 3 hours 10 minutes 28 seconds
+ !Switch Fabric Module 1 Up Time is 64 days 5 hours 10 minutes 47 seconds

This happen only on MLX16 models, the other Brocade/Foundry doesn't have this problem.

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