[rancid] Help with suppressing part of the show run output

Brian Talley b225ccc at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 18:26:57 UTC 2013

Add the following lines to the "while(<INPUT>)" block of every subroutine
that calls a 'show' command (see @commandtable array) in the rancid file:
/Load for five secs/ && next;
/Time source is NTP/ && next;

# This routine processes a "write term"
sub WriteTerm {
    while (<INPUT>) {
        /Load for five secs/ && next;
        /Time source is NTP/ && next;


On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 7:18 AM, Tom Simpson <tosimpson at forchtgroup.com>wrote:

> How do I go about suppressing part of the show run output from Cisco
> devices? The first two lines every time. We have added a command recently
> to the config on several switches that when you use any show command, it
> adds the output from "show ip os summary" to the first of the output. Since
> this changes every time you run any command it shows up as a diff in RANCID
> every time.
> I am assuming that this would be a regex, but I don't know where to begin
> adding it inside the rancid script, what would be the best section to put
> this in? Should it be possible to strip the first few lines off of the
> configuration output? Or would ignoring these lines be easier?
> The config line that we added is:  exec prompt timestamp
> and it gets added to the vty config section
> A couple of examples of the output that is added to the show run or any
> other show command is the following:
> Load for five secs: 5%/0%; one minute: 6%; five minutes: 5%
> Time source is NTP, 09:02:17.501 EDT Thu Feb 14 2013
> Load for five secs: 5%/0%; one minute: 5%; five minutes: 5%
> Time source is NTP, 09:06:14.333 EDT Thu Feb 14 2013
> Since this happens after the command is input it can't be added as part of
> the prompt; so I guess I am stuck with either stripping it out of the
> config prior to parsing it, or just simply have rancid ignore it when it
> does run the diff...
> Thanks,
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