[rancid] Rancid / Fortigate

Richard Savage Richard.Savage at newnet.co.uk
Wed Jun 5 12:45:03 UTC 2013


I am currently running rancid 2.3.8-3 on a debian server.

I am backing up 3 fortinet firewalls and everytime rancid runs it produces a diff against various things changing.  This
happens on every run even if no config changes have been made to the firewall:

@@ -2538,7 +2538,7 @@
   config system autoupdate tunneling
       set address ''
-     set password ENC 7rz3NZFEnq39bkDpQoOq1xFb9S+pQwBXZedGObWBC7hC/QYQBMnsGbxKvbtSLtmBELRLqU631S6JPt8jsr0qKo2r10Vv5UzYddzby6Q3tWIls1IC
+     set password ENC 51lWQzr6MmALlpq9n4uTbPbGcL9XHTvXmQ4kMLcz3u2Ua8yt9tkanbZp0J5uaKsiLqgLqEIKnQQFQYKoh+qNcGSeDMsFhHk/H18pPn4nuBQ0IxMq
       set port 0
       set status disable
       set username ''

@@ -7474,23 +7474,23 @@
   config vpn certificate local
       edit "Fortinet_Factory"
-         set password ENC NNWSYkoMA+edjwo5LVP2a1M6K20cxS0iN/wkGwA6F39glvzYWmk3z9KoN7L//UR86M3u+8+d7Kk0k79NYf63wkLtpZnxRYWrLPTLeunMQLD5Rz2f
+         set password ENC 0QNWT3omKlWgl1dROK2zvJDEdmhmrOQcre178jDza1qcDDJ4ROArDrJ2mWi5qIFFS6cZs8rIa9rUv34zvfmC/8U/xorbn6g/c1/jKfoCNo5KTP1E
           set private-key "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
   Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED
- DEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC,A8B9D863C86CD1F9
- 8+cZant/s9PvQE2cK0010WPxMAXo7cp8BnmhCBpjvo7wEKXux+5yasNhe1ZxDcZm
- j7PmNrqqO+J6qG5Whd90Hp9BCJ8eNYQJojW0IfB2RPYocD058bk+kjZ7MPov/JBz
- QgDhnzoP9qFjPzA2GGMQ+1JFMJZI63VlRGUhKnN8xc0X1B9oHnb7U3/d3wipSekM
- eSKd4Sy6kcZJc726OV273pr6ftJyob1tDmIGXZzMRgAzUehFO1w+2u39hPsTOcq/
- IyF/RKTcfXoLilPFwZQvpDzIlurzCCv1ySsxhpFCKLScPaCwaTY6g8qz03VTMC6h
+ 9KJ7kMJlzqKVFwS8dChmvlalrMbIKd0AxSo9VU/Wa1MSPo6HN8IjCAUtcM9zvbSX
+ E7aCk75D8vglifkuRqa+wtCcT8xVrEdwnHXpkvc9RH2JPs4JRhOyrYUAsnCMkQp3
+ rLS0OditRHWbxG8M5xo5V2dIs7L6wkN7wJ9Rdrj+AKf49bsLayIdTkF4ruG0tBXR
+ ugQDLe6G6lCq2CW3y0m6SA5fQE2bXQy0YztDrHSZzzm5wXHhfpEUzmAU9gR1kl/s
+ V1+fzVRhIXw2sf8CoH83DLvON0wiNOE/J9BhUgvxq9SzbRPhXrUS/58S1cdr7Wz

   -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"

I have looked back through the archives and found something similar back in 2010 but would assume that the patch has
been integrated into the latest version.

Could any one suggest a fix for this as its getting slightly annoying getting a diff everytime there is a backup.

Many thanks

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