[rancid] End of run not found on telnet

Polanski, Gregory Gregory.Polanski at Virteva.com
Wed Jun 12 23:19:03 UTC 2013


Check the login and motd banner.  If there is a '#' in the banner, it will suppress the enable commands and the produce the errors that you are seeing.

This debug sequence has been helpful to me

	sudo login -f rancid
As user rancid
	source /etc/rancid/rancid.conf
	NOPIPE=yes;export NOPIPE
	rancid -d switchname

Look for *.new and *.raw in the directory


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On 06/06/2013 12:22 AM, Gary Douglas wrote:
> I have rancid 2.3.6 up an running on Ubuntu server. All devices are
> Cisco. SSH is working fine. When I try run rancid on switches that only
> support telnet, I get the following error.
> switch: missed cmd(s): write term,show running-config
> switch: End of run not found
> clogin works great to these switches. I though it might be the expect
> problem. I downloaded and installed expect-5.43.0_hack.tar.bz2 and
> tcl8.4.18-src.tar.gz from the ftp site. This did not resolve the problem.
> Any ideas on what or where I need to look.

Hi Gary,

I've seen similar things when autoenable was set to the wrong value.


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