[rancid] Support for the Cisco SF300

Morten Nielsen morten at dintid.dk
Sun Jun 30 13:52:15 UTC 2013

Been trying to add support for the Cisco Small business switches in my Rancid 2.38.

I finally found the updated versions of csbrancid and csblogin files here but still seems to be some issue with my SG300

Maybe i miss something with this line, as I don't know what he means:?
"- End of run fix (important for be sure to get the full configuration dump)"

My log just says:
Trying to get all of the configs.
sg300-10p csblogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
sg300-10p missed cmd(s): show version,show system,show startup-config
sg300-10p End of run not found

I can log in just fine using .clogin sg300-10p
Only odd thing is the 4 blank lines, but I don't know if they are important.
rancid at ubuntu:~$ bin/clogin sg300-10p
spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l rancid sg300-10p
rancid at sg300-10p's password:


My .cloginrc
# Switches
add userprompt sg*.*    {"User Name:"}
add user sg*.*  {rancid}
add password sg*.*      {pass}
add autoenable sg*.*    1
add method sg*.*        ssh

I've commenting lines out, removing {} and googled a lot, so feel I've tried evertyhing but to no avail.

Hope someone have some idea :)

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