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Hi Harshal,

FreeBSD RANCID install. The article below should list all of the steps needed to install RANCID from ports which is the basic setup.

OpenGrok GUI. I run this on my RHEL servers. It is Java and needs Tomcat to host the webapp but it has a lot of nice features like search which some other GUIs do not. You simply untar it and move it to where you want it reside on the server. It has a deploy option which sets up the app for Tomcat and an index option which you have to run for indexing RANCID's files once they are checked out using subversion. This is a lot more complicated than some other options but you do get extra features. If you are interested in more details I can help you with setup and hooking it into RANCID's subversion.

WebSVN GUI. I used this at first because it is incredibly easy to setup and it works with your subversion directory automatically. It does not require checking out its own subversion copy from RANCID but it has no search capability. You should be able to start with number 8 in the article since the repository is already created by RANCID.

If you want something quick and easy to support I would install WebSVN. If you need searching capabilities you will have to use OpenGrok. Other options are desktop clients like TortoiseSVN and NetBeans that users can install themselves. You would only need to setup webdav for Apache and hook it into subversion which is really simple. I hope this helps. If you have questions let me know and I will try to help as much as I can.


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  I have installed Rancid software linux base software which takes backup of devices automatically on one my Server but i need to access these devices configuration by GUI. Someone suggested that it would be possible through FreeBSD .
     So i need your help regarding this situation that where i can get full information that how to install FreeBSD on Rancid.
 I am looking forward your response soon


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