[rancid] modifying diff conditions

Wayne Eisenberg Wayne.Eisenberg at CarolinasIT.com
Sun Nov 3 20:29:47 UTC 2013


I am trying to modify the diff process, but without much success. I am retrieving configs from a Palo Alto devices without problems. However there are some fields which change very frequently and although I do want a record of the values, I don't want a new version in cvs or an email generated if that is the only change.

The section of the config that updates all the time is this:

#app-version: 402-2007
#app-release-date: 2013/10/29  15:46:46
#av-version: 1138-1588
#av-release-date: 2013/11/01  04:00:02
#threat-version: 402-2007
#threat-release-date: 2013/10/29  15:46:46
#wildfire-version: 21772-27787
#wildfire-release-date: 2013/11/03  10:23:01
#url-filtering-version: 2013.10.31.000

Therefore, I modified bin/control_rancid from:

if [ $RCSSYS = "cvs" ] ; then
    cvs -f diff -U 4 -ko | sed -e '/^RCS file: /d' -e '/^--- /d' \
        -e '/^+++ /d' -e 's/^\([-+ ]\)/\1 /' >$TMP.diff


if [ $RCSSYS = "cvs" ] ; then
    cvs -f diff -U 4 --ignore-matching-lines='(.*av-.*|.*wildfire-.*|.*threat-.*|.*url-filtering-.*|.*app-.*|.*call-forwarding.*)' -ko | sed -e '/^RCS file: /d'   -e '/^--- /d' \   -e '/^+++ /d' -e 's/^\([-+ ]\)/\1 /' >$TMP.diff

I thought this would be the appropriate change (adding the '--ignore-matching-lines' parameter), but it doesn't seem to change a thing. Is there a syntax error I'm missing? Did I change the right command? Is there a way to debug/troubleshoot this to find out where I'm missing it?


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