[rancid] Fortinet Firewall Question.

Chris Davis Chris.Davis at prin.edu
Mon Nov 25 19:53:26 UTC 2013

I have configured Rancid to process my Fortinet Firewalls.  I was running 2.3.6 and it was reporting every hour with changes because of the time and keys in my HA cluster.  Well, I finally had the time to look at upgrading it to 2.3.8 today.  I waited until after the hourly processing, and configured, made and installed the upgrade.

I let it run, and voila, no firewall change.   The end of the hourly config diffs has finally ended.  So then I went in and deleted a disabled record, hoping to see it on the next hourly run.   But I got nothing.  The firewall itself emailed me the change, but I saw nothing reported in Rancid.

Any ideas?

Chris Davis - CIS Security Director
The Principia
13201 Clayton Road
Saint Louis, MO  63131

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