[rancid] Parallel Execution of Rancid

Callum Scott scott.callum at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 11:15:16 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I've been searching around for an answer to this and can't seem to
find anything.

My organisation currently has a large number of sites with a varying
number of network devices each of which we would like to back up with
rancid.  Im using dotwaffle's patched version to include git support,
though this shouldn't make a difference for this issue.

Because I am sorting by SITE I have over 1000 rancid groups. Some have
only 5 networking devices, whilst others will have tens of networking

My problem is that the rancid-run is taking a massive amount of time
(in the order of days).  I have tried playing around with the
PAR_COUNT to increase concurrency and also reduce the MAX_ROUNDS to
reduce the amount of time spent on each device.  It looks to me that
the PAR_COUNT only comes in during the execution of the control_rancid
script, which means concurrency only hits in within the GROUP.

I'd like a way to run rancid_run on the groups in parallel.  Am I
missing something obvious here?  Does anyone have any ideas on how to
achieve this?

Kind Regards


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