[rancid] End of config in Extreme Switches

Aleksey P paleola at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 12:08:34 UTC 2013

Hello to all.
we use rancid 2.3.4 with Extreme Summit X670 and X650 with XOS
I know that in Extreme swithes there no "End of configuration file" string.
To fix this I changed "xrancid" file:

 -       if (/^# End of configuration file/i) {

 -           printf STDERR "    End WriteTerm: $_" if ($debug);

 -           $found_end = 1;

 -           return(0);

 -       }


+ if (/^# Module vrrp configuration./i) {

+ printf STDERR " End WriteTerm: $_" if ($debug);

+ $found_end = 1;

+ return(0);

+ }

So rancid found vrrp config and then exit.
But now we use "mlag" on Extreme and its config below vrrp. So rancid exit
before this config and we have some missed config lines.
I tried rancid 2.3.8 (clean install on other server), with all default
config files, but only see
"...configuration appears to be truncated.
...missed cmd(s): show configuration"
in logs.

Help me please.
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