[rancid] rancid "losing" characters

Stephen Griffin stephengriffin at google.com
Mon Oct 7 14:30:02 UTC 2013

So, I have a version of rancid 2.3.8 installed, and I've been noticing on
some of our Foundry/Brocade gear that some commands are failing because a
character is lost.. for example, skip-page-dilay instead of

Our prior version of rancid was quite old (so old that no one really was
quite sure of what version it was), and we don't recall seeing this
behaviour. It feels like a buffer being exhausted, but 2.3.8 uses
send_human, which should be slowing things down.

The version of expect wasn't changed, and is 5.43.0

We did fold in some of our older custom changes, but I have a difficult
time believing those would impact lost characters.

Has anyone run into this or something similar?

I did a test run, by sending "show 802" to a bunch of devices, and came up
      1 e
    145 exit
      1 sh
      1 show 02
      1 show 80
    145 show 802
      1 show802
      1 skip-page-ay
    148 skip-page-display

Stephen A. Griffin
Network Engineer
Google Acquisition Netops
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