[rancid] Can't connect to Enterasys via SSH

Victor Ruiz victor.ruiz at satec.es
Fri Oct 18 10:25:34 UTC 2013

Hi group;

  I'm new on Rancid software, I need get the configuration of several Enterasys boxes. I was use the rivlogin and rivrancid in order to get this configuration but I've a problem because in the rivlogin I only can connect via telnet. I'm making a new script coping the clogin with a different name for connect with Enterasys via SSH and work properly but when I try get the unique command that I need I have an error with text: "missed cmd(s): show config".

My commnadtable is:

@commandtable = (
#       {'show system'          => 'ShowUptime'},
#       {'show version'         => 'ShowVersion'},
#       {'show system hardware' => 'ShowHardware'},
#       {'set length 0'         => 'ShowActive'},
        {'show config'          => 'ShowActive'}

And the routine for Show config is:

# This routine processes a "system show active"
sub ShowActive {
    print STDERR "    In ShowActive: $_" if ($debug);

    while (<INPUT>) {

        # Remove leading whitespace and/or line numbers
        s/^\s*(\d+\D: )*//;

        # Riverstone/Cabletron doesn't have an "end" line, so
        # we need to set $clean_run here
        if (/^$prompt/) {
            $clean_run = 1;

        next if (/Running system configuration/);

        # filter out any RCS/CVS tags to avoid confusing local CVS storage
        s/\$(Revision|Id):/ $1:/;

        if (/^(.*hashed-password \S+)/ && $filter_pwds == 2) {

        if (/^(snmp set community )\S+/ && $filter_commstr) {


Can anybody help me with this issue or have anybody a Rancid scripts to connect with Enterasys system via SSH.

Thanks very much for you time and support

Bes Regards

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