[rancid] rancid for nortel baystack

Daniel Jesus daniel.jfj at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 13:46:49 UTC 2013

Hi Maxime,

I actually got it working....but only to find out there is a bug on the
nortel ios...the terminal lenght 0 command does not work properly.
which OS are you running on yours? it seems that the bug was fixed
from 4.0.5 onwards.

Anyway, here is my new bnlogin and bnrancid files...give it a try, maybe it
will work properly for you.

bnlogin - http://pastebin.com/cAgHgBp6
bnrancid - http://pastebin.com/Yss62mBE

dont forget to change the rancid-fe

and if it doesnt work for you, i guess the best option is do do a script
just to login and copy the conf to a tftp server....

Good luck,

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Maxime Baudin
<maxime.baudin at ac-rennes.fr>wrote:

> Le 21/10/13 19:45, Daniel Jesus a écrit :
>> Hi guys,
>> i've read this post http://www.shrubbery.net/**
>> pipermail/rancid-discuss/2010-**November/005339.html<http://www.shrubbery.net/pipermail/rancid-discuss/2010-November/005339.html>and also downloaded the diff files. However, since i dont know which
>> version of rancid was used to create the diff files, i cannot do a proper
>> patch.... i've been trying to do the changes manually, but i've failed
>> terribly =)
> Hi Daniel,
> I managed to patch the files properly but the result is ... mmm ... not
> working  :(
> It still stuck on the Ctrl-Y banner until timeout.
> I can send you my files, two pairs of eyes may be better than one.
> Regards,
> Maxime
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