[rancid] Daily Difference Digest?

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Wed Oct 23 14:49:15 UTC 2013

Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 10:35:53AM +0200, Alan McKinnon:
> To the best of my knowledge rancid doesn't do that natively. It would be
> hard to code it, as rancid uses the classic method to send mail: print

i definitely do not want it in rancid.  many have solved this problem and
each will want it done differently.

> text and pipe it to a mailer. To digest, rancid would have to store
> mails somewhere and gather them up once a day in a cron

in its simplest form

min hr * * * cd ~rancid/group; cvs diff -D "24 hours ago" | Mail -s "daily diffs" rancid-group

> Digest is best done in your mail system, not in your rancid system. The
> method I use is to send all rancid mail to a Mailman instance and tell
> the users to sign themselves up. They can choose digest or individual
> mails as they prefer and I don't have to get involved.

this is the way to do it, imo.  it also means that changes applied and
removed/overridden have less chance of being hidden.

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