[rancid] rancid not writting configurations to /config/ file

Erica James jameserica156 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 13 06:46:20 UTC 2013

I have the h3c* scripts Jethro, made a few changes on the h3clogin and I observe the below
can login: /home/eserica/rancid/bin/h3clogin, successfully 
but /home/eserica/rancid/bin/h3clogin -t 90 -c "display current-configuration" just hangs in the privilege exec mode.
On the other hand, the h3crancid gives the below
[eserica at netflow ~]$ /home/eserica/rancid/bin/h3crancid -d
executing hulogin -t 90 -c"display current-configuration"
sh: hulogin: command not found missed cmd(s): display current-configuration missed cmd(s): display current-configuration End of run not found End of run not found  
 What else should I do regarding the above? May you kindly share with me the patch for this device.

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On Thu, 12 Sep 2013, Sean Maguire wrote:

> I think you are going to struggle getting the Huawei 5600 to back up 
> correctly in RANCID I'm afraid. The problem with Huawei is that they 
> have very different CLIs across their product range. In fact, on their 
> MSANs you see significant differences between the CLI of the data cards 
> and the voice cards and neither of these have a CLI which is the same 
> the that on their switches or firewalls. I suspect the RANCID script you 
> are using was designed for switches and firewalls rather than the 5600 

There may be a little hope; my h3c scripts have been tested on some Huawei 
kit, and I was sent a few modifications which improve support on at least 
the MA5600.

I was not aware of the github.com/ssinyagin stuff, so I do not know if 
there are any parts of that that may be useful.

> Some of the major differences are how the CLI handles things like 
> turning off paging (I seem to remember at least some of their kit not 
> supporting disabling paging) and the string that is output to inform the 
> user of the end of a page (which RANCID uses internally if paging 
> support cannot be disabled). I also seem to remember the DSLAMs spitting 
> out all kinds of horrible control character which make your RANCID 
> backups look a total mess.

There are some features in the patch I was sent that may address these 

I've been meaning to merge them and some other bits in for a while but 
never found the time so far.  Unfortunately, I do not have access to any 
5600 to test :)

Maybe more news on this soon.


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