[rancid] New Device - Ligowave PTP-5N

Charles van der Spuy charlesvds at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 17 11:32:38 UTC 2013

I am about to start the adventure of writing the necessary scripts to 
add a new device to the current collection.
I am supporting a client who requires his bridge radio links backed up 
as well as router configs.

I will be hoping to add Ligowave, Radwin and Strix devices to the mix.
Firstly, if anybody has done any of the above, I would love to piggyback 
on what you have already done if you are willing to share.

Otherwise, any words of wisdom on the approach I should take would be 
I hope that from this exercise I can write some kind of 'Adding Rancid 
Devices for Dummies' to make all our lives easier.

Ah well, off to read my Expect Primer.

Charles van der Spuy.

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