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Path looks good. So, if you become the rancid user (su to root, then su - rancid), you should be able to run panrancid or hprancid or crancid or whatever from any directory, anywhere.

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>From the bottom, looking in /etc/passwd:
rancid:x:1001:1001:Rancid,,,:/home/rancid:/bin/bash  (I take that as

>From /var/lib/rancid/Network/router.db :  hpswitch.ams:hp:up
-I only have it here (used locate router.db, only one line came back)

My rancid.conf

 rancid 2.3.6
# This file sets up the environment used for rancid.  see rancid.conf(5)
# This will be site specific
TERM=network;export TERM
# Create files w/o world read/write/exec permissions, but read/exec
# for group.
umask 027
# Under BASEDIR (i.e.: --localstatedir), there will be a "logs" directory
# the logs from rancid and a directory for each group of routers defined in
# LIST_OF_GROUPS (below).  In addition to these, there will be a "CVS"
# directory which is the cvs (or Subversion) repository.
# Use a full path (no sym-links) for BASEDIR.
TMPDIR=/tmp; export TMPDIR
# Be careful changing this, it affects CVSROOT below.
BASEDIR=/var/lib/rancid; export BASEDIR
export PATH
# Location of the CVS/SVN repository.  Be careful changing this.
# Location of log files produced by rancid-run(1).
# Select which RCS system to use, "cvs" (default) or "svn".  Do not change
# this after CVSROOT has been created with rancid-cvs.  Changing between
# requires manual conversions.
RCSSYS=cvs; export RCSSYS
# if ACLSORT is NO, access-lists will NOT be sorted.
# if NOPIPE is set, temp files will be used instead of a cmd pipe during
# collection from the router(s).
# FILTER_PWDS determines which passwords are filtered from configs by the
# value set (NO | YES | ALL).  see rancid.conf(5).
# if NOCOMMSTR is set, snmp community strings will be stripped from the
# How many times failed collections are retried (for each run) before
# giving up.  Minimum: 1
# How many hours should pass before complaining about routers that
# can not be reached.  The value should be greater than the number
# of hours between your rancid-run cron job.  Default: 24
# How many hours should pass before complaining that a group's collection
# (the age of it's lock file) is hung.
# The number of devices to collect simultaneously.
# list of rancid groups
#LIST_OF_GROUPS="sl joebobisp"
# more groups...
#LIST_OF_GROUPS="$LIST_OF_GROUPS noc billybobisp"
# For each group, define a list of people to receive the diffs.
# in sendmail's /etc/aliases.
#   rancid-group:       joe,moe at foo
#   rancid-admin-group: hostmaster
# be sure to read ../README regarding aliases.
# If your MTA configuration is broken or you want mail to be forwarded to a
# domain not the same as the local one, define that domain here.  "@" must
# included, as this is simply appended to the usual recipients.  It is NOT
# appended to recipients specified in rancid-run's -m option.
#MAILDOMAIN="@example.com"; export MAILDOMAIN
# By default, rancid mail is marked with precedence "bulk".  This may be
# changed by setting the MAILHEADERS variable; for example no header by
# it to "" or adding X- style headers.  Individual headers must be
# by a \n.
#MAILHEADERS="Precedence: bulk"; export MAILHEADERS

On 9/28/13 6:57 PM, "Alan McKinnon" <alan.mckinnon at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 29/09/2013 00:30, Ryan Milton wrote:
>> I have had quite a time getting my HP Procurve switches to work with
>> rancid. Long story short, this test works:
>> /usr/lib/rancid/bin/hlogin -f /var/lib/rancid/.cloginrc <device>
>> I get into the devices from the cli.
>> When I just let rancid contact the devices on its own, then I get this
>> email, which makes me think there is a permissions error (?):
>> The following routers have not been successfully contacted for
>> more than 24 hours.
>> -rw-r----- 1 rancid rancid 0 Sep 27 10:09
>> On the other hand, when I look in my logs, the message is simply that
>> rancid couldn't login.
>> (?!?!) clogin error: Error: Couldn't login
>> <device>: missed cmd(s): show stack,show module,show flash,show
>> version,show system-information,write term,show system information
>> This is the eternal issue! Everytime I think I've got it: boom! Failure
>You are running hlogin. rancid-run is launching clogin.
>That is incorrect and is a data error. Please provide the exact line in
>router.db for that device (make sure you check all your groups, you may
>have it defined in two places); your complete rancid.conf; and whether
>/var/lib/rancid/ truly is rancid's home directory per /etc/passwd
>Alan McKinnon
>alan.mckinnon at gmail.com
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