[rancid] Setup SSH login method on a non-default port

Ricardo Ferreira ricardo.ferreira at elephanttalk.com
Mon Aug 4 13:16:03 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,
First of all, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask questions.

I am having an hard time configuring rancid to ssh into a zebra router
running on an non-default SSH port.
According to the manual, this works fine for telnet, but I see no
reference in regards to SSH.

/       //*add*// //*method*// //*<router*// //*name*// //*glob>*// //*{ssh}*// //*[{...}]*//
              Defines,  in  order,  the connection methods to use for a device
              from the set {ssh, telnet,  rsh}.   Method  telnet  may  have  a
              suffix, indicating an alternate TCP port, of the form ":port".

              Note:  Different versions of telnet treat the specification of a
              port differently.  In particular, BSD derived telnets do not  do
              option  negotiation when a port is given.  Some devices, Extreme
              switches for example, have undesirable  telnet  default  options
              such as linemode.  In the BSD case, to enable option negotiation
              when specifying a port the method should  be  "{telnet:-23}"  or
              you should add "mode character" to .telnetrc.  See //*telnet(1)*// for
              more information on telnet command-line syntax, telnet  options,
              and .telnetrc.

              Example: add method * {ssh} {telnet:-3000} {rsh}/

I have tried without success:
/add//method hostname {ssh: 2222}//
//and also adding the host with the correct port into //.ssh/config/

 clogin error: Error: Connection Refused (ssh):

Do you know if rancid supports logging in via SSH into a non-default port?
Thanks for your time
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Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet / Saludos,

Ricardo Ferreira

Core IP Network

Elephant Talk Communications


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